Year End

The first thought that popped into my head when I had my first was that her birthday was on the last day of a quarter..in the business world she would be stressed out on her birthday.  As the last day of the year approaches I think of my time in the business world and don't miss the quarter ends or especially the year ends.  I enjoy my life as a SAHM.  When I go to the doctors office and need to write the date I have to ask, because my world is more a what day of the week is it-not what date is it.  I enjoy planning traditions and revolving my life around children, holidays and adventures.  This blog has been a fun adventure and this year has been full of creativity.

To sum up the year I would like to share the top three visited posts.

Reversible Tote from Bag Week
I get a lot of comments on this purse when I carry it around.  Hope you made one for yourself too.

Towel Kimono Cover Up
Still used in the middle of winter.  She wore this backstage at her dance recital to help keep her warm.

No-Sew Neck Scarf
Love this! 

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments.  Who knew blogging would be so much fun.

In 2011 I look forward to a few more giveaways.  Finishing and starting a lot more projects.  And most importantly spending time with my family!


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