My Man

I'm not bragging, but I just wanted to tell you how sweet my hubby is.  He actually listened to me all year long as we watched and I commented on cooking shows, or I borrowed certain tools
from his garage to use in the kitchen.  He really surprised me this year for Christmas and got me several things.

I mentioned how nice a tapered rolling pin would be--no handles to grab and worry about bending.  It helped  that Chris Kimball talked about how superior it was and why.  I love America's Test Kitchen, when someone can tell me how and why to do something I am more excited to do or use it.  When I opened a huge box on Christmas morning I was thoroughly surprised with this...

Yippy!  Watch out for some perfectly rolled pie crust and cookies.

Then in a wrapped shoe box I was surprised with this...
Apparently it is not kosher to take a mallet from the garage and use it to pound your chicken for Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Maybe it was a hint that he really liked my Cordon Bleu.

But the biggest surprise was what he made me for Christmas...
A music stand with silhouettes of my two kiddies.  
It is beautiful--thanks for the beautiful and fun surprises.
I love you!

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