A Mantel

The fireplace--shouldn't it have a mantel?
This was what our mantel/fireplace looked like...
 Plain jane
  Even with a little decoration, it still was a bother.
Builder basic--2 1/2 inches deep.
Our Christmas stockings could barely stay on the edge--once Santa came they had to be moved so they wouldn't fall off.  The "mantel" would barely hold a remote control.  Then last weekend my parents came to town...
And I put a twinkle in my eye and made some yummy cookies and my Dad got to work.
 He used the same material that my windowsills are made out of.  And used some shims, cut 2x4's to have something to nail the crown modeling to.
Ta-Da! It isn't much, but it is a lot more than we had before.
Fill in the nail holes, sand just a little, prime and paint.
Thank you Dad!

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