$1 T-Shirt Capes

 Do you ever buy something without a project in mind? 
 I found these t-shirts on clearance for under a $1 and knew that I would find something to do with them.
My four and two year old's have been running around the house saying we are super hero's.  I was going to make a pattern and sew some cute fabric together, but as I went to my stash I found these shirts and knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Cut seams off the sides, at a slight angle.
Cut seam at shoulders.  This will make two capes, so really they are $.50 capes!
Cut sleeves in half, and cut off the top seam--you don't want the extra bulk at the shoulder seams.
Sew one piece to each shoulder.  You can either use a button or Velcro.  I opted for the Velcro because I didn't want it to be choking hazard.
 Add a letter of your choice.  This is an appliqued letter, zig-zagged around the edges.
 Using freezer paper stenciling I made this for my princess.
This is for my little monkey.  Both the "R" and the "Super" are painted, make sure your bottom layer is dry before you try to iron on more freezer paper.  Use a thin rag to cover any paint so it does not stick to your iron.
Put them on your kiddos and watch their imaginations soar.


Kim said...

How cute, what a great use and price, I never would have thought of that - you can always use new bibs.

Moe said...

Thanks so much for linking up your project to Hooray for the Holidays! this would make such a great handmade gift!

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