Black Friday Ads=Upcycled Paper Beads

I've seen these beads around the blog-o-sphere and when I went to through out my Black-Friday ads I noticed how colorful some of the ads were.  
This is from a Criket phone ad.
 Cut the ads into wedged strips, meaning one end is wider than the other.
 Roll on to a skewer or a dowel.  Do not roll to tightly.  Glue at the ends, and all around the outside without touching the wood.
 It should look like this when you are done.
 It doesn't take long for them to dry.  Once they are not too sticky slide them off the wood to finish drying.
 I like how some of the words peak out from the ad.
 This is what I was able to get from a two page ad.
 Isn't it cute?
 These rolls are from a Macy's add--all green and red.
Here is the finished bracelet once again.  Now go and up-cycle some of your Black Friday ads and make someone's day.


Tucked Herringbone Pillow

The pillows in my bedroom are in need of a makeover.  Two of them do not have covers--and one is "leaking" stuffing.  So when Caroline over at Atelier Caroline posted the tutorial on how to sew this pillow I was pretty excited and knew I wanted to try it out.

 I found some pillowcases on clearance at Target (half of what the price tag says.)  I used one of the pillowcases for this project.  First I cut off the side seams.  The bottom did not have a seam, I left it as one long piece of materail.  Starting at one end I measured just like the tutorial says to--with one exception.  Instead of making all of my lines the same distance apart I did some at 1.5 inches and some at 1.  I only did this on the horizontal lines.  The vertical lines were all 1.5 inches apart.  Next I used the rest of the pillowcase to make the new pillowcase.
 Can you see how some of the pleats are close together?
I did not press each pleat--because it is 100% cotton I didn't want it to be too rigid.
 While I was taking pictures I looked out the window and saw this.  The wind changed last night and the cold weather has arrived.
 This is not a hard project, just a little time consuming.
Doesn't it look nice on my bed?  Now I need to make another pillowcase for the other "caseless" pillow on my bed.


Bag Week...Project #5 Hobo Purse

When the hobo purses first became popular I was not a fan.  Who wants a purse the size of Texas and one that doesn't stand up?  Then I had children, and it became apparent that I needed more than just my wallet and certain monthly supplies in a purse.  Now my MIL calls my purse a Mary Poppins purse--it has on more than one occasion saved the day.  I have found extra socks, shirts, water bottles, games, hair clips--even last night I found a package of crackers for my nephew (unopened and all in one piece.) But I think a purse can be too big--if you have to carry a child and a purse you don't want to throw out your back.  Before you get too excited this project does not have a tutorial.  All the sewing was done at night in horrible lighting--I didn't want to hurt your eyes too.  If there are enough requests I would be willing to post a tutorial.

Project #5
The Not-Too-Big-Hobo Purse
 There are no gussets or deep darts on this purse.  It was cut out on a slight angle so I could gather in the top.  The dimensions: 12 1/2x 13 1/2
 This pleat is four inches wide, sewn in half and pressed.  I just pinned the pleats around the purse and made sure the raw edges were covered.
The strap is lined with the cheetah print.  The lining is dark brown with cream pockets.

Hope you enjoyed Bag Week as much as I did.


Bag Week...Project #4 Sweater Messenger Bag

Project #4
 Re-purposing clothing is fun-you start looking at old clothing as projects and not a donation pile.  The sweater I used was from when I was engaged.  I bought it for valentine's day, I think I have worn it once or twice since.  It just doesn't fit me right, it needs another three inches in length.
 Lay out the sweater to get a sense of how big you can cut your bag.
 I cut mine right next to the sleeve seam.
The back of the purse needs to be longer than the front, so there can be a flap.  Use the bottom edge of your sweater as the top of the front and back--this way you won't have to finish it off.
 Sew the two pieces together.  I cut a little too much off the front and had to add a piece back on.  You just cut this on the fold and you wouldn't have to do this step.
 Fold the pieces wrong sides together and pin 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom.
 Fold the bag right sides together and stitch up the sides.
This is what it should look like before you stitch it.
Turn it right side out and the bottom on both sides should look like this.
 For the straps I cut three two inch strips from the sleeves.
 Pull the strips and they will start to curl.
 Stitch one end of the three strips together.  Braid--stitch the other end together.  Sew on to the inside of the front of the bag.
 Flip the flap closed and you have...
 A sweater messenger bag with a braided strap.
 With a flower of course.
This is an easy project.  If you use the fold of the fabric you would only have to sew two side seams and the straps on the purse.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Little Bro!


Bag Week...Project #3 A-line Purse

I showed the finished product to my hubby and he said, "That's cute."  I hope you think so too.

Project #3
1/2 Yard each of Outer Material and Lining
Any embellishments

Make a pattern...
You can click on the picture to see the exact measurements.
Cut out two outer shells, two linings, pockets (you can decide on the size and quantity of pockets), and two straps 4x22 inches.   You can sew the pockets on before continuing on to the next step.
 Fold an edge over to the bottom.  Stitch the outside edge.
 Once you have the corners sewn sew the edges by putting right sides together.  I like to pin the corners so the seams go in opposite directions-just like you do in quilting.
 Here is what the side should look like once you have sewn the edges together.
Sew the lining in the same way.  Once you have those two things done move on to the straps.
 Fold the straps in half, right sides together, sew.  Turn right side out and press with the seam in the middle.
 Sew a topstitch on the straps.  This step isn't absolutely necessary-but...
 Look at the difference.
 Turn the outer layer inside out.  Pin the straps into position.  Before you sew the two layers together make sure you sew on any pockets you may want.
Make sure when you put the lining in that the right sides of both fabrics are touching.  Sew the two layers, and straps together.  Be sure to leave an opening.  I left my opening in between two of the straps, but I made sure to sew the straps too so they wouldn't move.  Turn the purse right side out and sew another topstitch on the top edge--this is essential because it will close the opening on the top.
 Finished purse, just needs a little wow factor...
 Take some flowers from anothe project.
 Or use the left over lining fabric to make a new flower.
 Back the flower with felt.  I cut two tiny holes in the felt and fed the safety pin through and sew it on to the flower.
 Isn't it a cute flower?
 I added a pocket to the lining.  Every purse and bag needs at least one pocket.
This would be a cute purse with some pleats too :o)
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