Washable Garbage Bag

Before we had to fit three children in the backseat I had a corolla--we called it zippy.  It fit two kids nicely and and small garbage can right in the middle of the backseat on the floor--it didn't even tip over.  When I switched cars with my hubby the garbage can would not stay put.  A moving garbage can is not conducive to a clean car.  So I made a garbage can that the kids could reach and could be washed if needed.

 I made one set of triangles wider than the other--both are the same length.
 Only the outside layer has a box pleat.
 I left the inside bottom open until the boning was sewn in place--then just sewed it straight across.
 This is a simple project, and can be completed quickly. 

I have seen some without boning, I wanted mine to stay open and easily accessible for little hands.

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