Cursive: Tricks, tips, and Techniques

Round 2
Last time I blogged about the order to teach cursive. Here are some more tips and tricks that have helped us here this summer.

Journal prompts and lines.
I've made a journal for each of my children. Each Wednesday they get an extra page of cursive practice. I created and printed these off from this website.  I printed them in landscape, then folded them in half to have them bound in our journals.

Pens, Pencils, Markers
Make it fun to write. Have a designated spot for fun pens, pencils, or markers. I found smooth pens that write well to help ward off discouraged penmanship. The children love to write in different colors-it makes it fun.

Salt Writing
I bought several cans of cheap salt. No need to have it iodized. Keep it in a tupperware. I pour out a few cups on a tray. This is a good way to help them practice with worrying about correct slant or form.

Pangram Sentences
Ever wonder what those sentences were called that used every letter of the alphabet? Pangram sentences! Here is a link to some short sentences.

I'll post some more as we continue our journey to learn cursive this summer.

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