Shirt to Cardigan

Being tall is great most of the time. But being tall and busty--while nursing-- makes it hard to find shirts that are long enough.  I've had a bright blue shirt for a few years, and usually just pair with some jeans.  This winter it just wasn't working.  The length is just too short and I'm not comfortable in it.
 I lined up the seams, then cut down the front middle.
I could have just left it here, but I wanted to make sure it looked nice.
 Using some neon green bias tape I had on hand I stitched it on each side of the cut.
 Then I folded the sweater to the inside and stitched it again.
 To make sure the bias was secure and would look nice I followed the first line of stitching again.
 You can barely see the two lines of stitching, but is gives it a nice weight.  I ironed both sides of the front.
 And there you have it, a nice bright shirt turned cardigan.
And if I remember I got this shirt for $2 at old navy!  When my hubby got home from work he said it looked really nice too!  


Karen said...

Beautiful color to match your eyes. Amazing as always!

abigayl said...

Wow! That's looks great. I have a undying love for cardis. Love it!

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