Spruced and Hung

A couple of years ago my brother and his wife stayed with us for a few days.  My brother went on to a sign painting convention and his wife hung out with us for a bit.  When he came back he gave us a gift that I posted about here.  After I painted my dining room I didn't have many decorations up.  I finally hung up the sign...but it was bugging me a bit.  The sides weren't painted and I wanted it too look crisp.
So I complicated things up and painted it while it was on the wall.  Then I added washi tape to the edges.

You only notice if you are sitting at the table and have nothing else to look at.
Now on to the other things I want to put on the walls.  After almost 4 years of living here I think it's time to start hanging things.

1 comment:

Marti said...

I like the edges finished. Now I finally know what to do with washi tape. I really like that sign too.

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