Dining Room Makeover

My hubby was gone to scout camp all last week.  So I was a single mom for the week and decided to take on a project.
When we moved in our house a few years ago we painted all the walls the same color--rafia cream by Behr. I didn't hate it, but wanted to do something a little different in the dining room.  We really, really, really, need want a dining room set...but have other financial obligations.
First was color choice.  I really liked Manhatten Mist until my kids asked why I was painting the walls blue.  Good thing I hadn't bought lots of it.  So I did some searching and found Dolphin Fin--love this color.  It is a true gray--meaning not blue tinted or too yellow.  
I painted the bottom 39 inches high gloss white, then taped off a design.  Do you see the army people helping out too.
To minimize bleeding I painted white around all the edges of the tape.  Then painted the gray over top.  Once I painted the second coat over the taped parts I pulled off the tape before it dried too much.
Viola!  I tried to make each wall symmetrical.  The back wall is the first thing you really look at when you enter the home.
It makes the room much more formal.
And since we all love a comparison...
I got everything cleaned up and barely put back into place when the hubs came back three hours earlier than expected.  He doesn't like the color, but thought the design was fun.  Oh well, maybe next time he leaves me for a week with three kids he will say no gray :o)  I'm looking for material for curtains or some sort of window treatment--it needs it.

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