Pinteresting Summer-Pillowcase Dresses

Pinteresting Summer

Pillowcase Dresses
I've seen so many pillowcase dresses around, but was never really interested in them.  Then my hubby's grandpa passed away and as his children were going through some of his things they came across these pillowcases:
Still in original packaging
There happen to be eight great-grand-daughters that were small enough to make pillowcase dresses for.  I made up the dresses and the great-grand-daughters were able to wear them to the funeral (which was really hot--and these dresses were perfect for the weather)
I scoured the internet for ideas--I wasn't a big fan of the ties being on the top of each shoulder.
So I found/made a pattern that would make the dresses adjustable and have a big bow.  I made a mock up to make sure the pattern would work.  For this dress the bow can go in the front or back because there is not front or back to the plain white pillow case.
 1. Cut a slit in the middle of the back about 3 inches long
 2. Fold over about 1/4 inch and press
 3. Fold over again and press then stitch
 4. Fold over top about 1/4-1/2 inch, press
 5.  Fold over edge again, press, stitch along the top and bottom edges
6.  Fold and press the other side of the pillow case.  Thread a ribbon or sash through the openings and tie a bow.
 Here's the back of this dress.  I added green pleated material to coordinate with the bow and to add some character to the white pillowcase
 I wanted to make the bow longer--but didn't have enough of this material to do so.

For the "real" pillowcase dresses I made coordinating sashes and made them much longer so the ties were draping down the back.  All the girls looked so cute and had fun realizing that they were matching.

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