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Superhero Shirt
When I started writing the title of this post I left out the last r...do you think that would have gotten your attention?  Is it a fashion no-no to mix superheroes?  The shirt doesn't really match the shorts :o)

 Now that my oldest is in school all day my sewing focus has seemed to turn to my 3 year old.  He happens to love superheroes, but has never seen them in action (meaning never watched a show)  He seems to like Spiderman today so I thought I would convert his red shirt into the masked hero.
I free-handed the shape of the eyes.
 Cut out black stretch fabric and placed on the shirt.
Then zig-zagged around the egdes.
I cut out white fabric and sew it on the back--notice I cut it to the same size as the black, but sewed it farther in from the edge.
 Then I cut through the black and red layer to reach the white.  Look-spiderman is winking.
While I was cutting the left eye my little guy was so anxious he was literally hanging on my arm--I'm hoping it will look better after a wash.
So there you have it Spiderman applique & reverse applique shirt.

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