You Get What You Get

My SIL was here for a few days while her hubby, my brother, attended a sign painting workshop.  He has been learning the trade of hand painting signs-an art that most people probably don't know still exists.
O's-hard to get perfect
My brother didn't paint this sign-he earned it by printing some business cards-but it is an impressive sign.
At the workshop he started this sign.  Isn't it awesome?  His company is called Voila Press.  He explained the many processes he did to get just to this point.  Gold leafing, sand blasting, acid erosion--all technical stuff.  By the way if you need some letterpressing, sign painting and many other things my little brother is very talented and always looking for work.  So as a gift for my birthday while at the above mentioned workshop he whipped out this little sign for me...
It's what I say to my children-at least once a day.  I'm excited to hang it up, probably in the kitchen.
I love that I can still see the drafting lines-something you don't get with vinyl.

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