Bam! Pow! Whap!

A local fabric store is going out of business.  I have only gone twice to the clearing out sale because I know my bank account would suffer seriously.  One of the times I went my two year old was pointing out all the fun things around the store.  He almost started hyperventilating when he saw the DC comic fabric-Superman & Batman.  To my knowledge he has only seen one cartoon batman show at a neighbors house and has never seen a Superman show-but this kid loves his superheroes.  So I gave in and purchased some awesome fabric, normally I don't buy characterized fabric-I want my things to be more classic.
 I was happy that the batman fabric looked more like the old school batman-not a dark and evil batman.
 So in about 15 minutes I whipped these pillow cases out.
It's so easy to sew things for my girl and easier to find super sales for the boy clothes-does anyone else feel like this too?
And made up some shorts (hopefully he will let me wash these at some point)
When I could sew something my little guy would love I was excited.
After he saw the pillowcases he pulled them down to the family movie night and had to make sure it was next to him the entire time.
It sure made going to bed a little more exciting, at least for one night.
 Do you think it's like wearing socks with sandals if he wears Spiderman with Superman?

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