Reverse Applique

 Reverse applique is a technique I have never tried, but have always been interested by it.  As with most of my projects I mull them over in my mind before I try to do them--this project has been in my mind for a while.  When I was visiting my family a few weeks ago my mom had a basket full of clothes ready for donation.  I went through the pile and found a red mock turtle neck-just typing turtle neck makes me feel hot.  It was the perfect color of red for my little guy and I whipped this out...
His birthday is in a few days and he is ALL boy-anything super hero, trains, cars, or dirt fascinates him.  I thought about wrapping this cape up for his birthday-but couldn't resist to see his reaction now.  He loved it and even wanted to wear it to show his sister when we picked her up from school.
He hasn't taken it off today-even to eat lunch, color, or play outside.  I cut the back out and kept the collar of the shirt attached and uncut-so he can just slip it on and off.  It still worries me that it can choke him-but it only took me 15 minutes to complete- and I think he will take it off when it starts to bother his neck.
When we picked up his older sister from school she asked for one too.  We scavenged through my clothing stash and found a shirt to make a girl-superhero cape.
Blue/silver stripe with a pink "S"
Now I have two superheroes in the house
The fun thing about the capes is that it makes them want to run and jump-I love things that motivate movement.
This is my favorite picture-I love his arms moving, his feet obviously in motion, and the shadow to the left of his face and hands
If you are looking for superhero symbols I found this great website

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