Letter V-Veggies & Valentine's

Our preschool day fell on Valentine's day.  I let the kids know ahead of time that we would do a party for the second half of the day.

First up---VEGGIE stamps...
 I rolled out long pieces of paper on my table, then put paint and cut up veggies for them to stamp with.
They all had a great time stamping away.

Then it was time for our VALENTINE'S party.
 We played kiss the frog-way back from when I hosted a playgroup
 Then we colored and put together some fun Valentine's.  Hearts found here, butterfly found here
 We also decorated cookies--I gave them pre-frosted cookies, they loaded them up with juju hearts, m&m's & nerds.
For our last activity we passed out valentine's to each other.  I covered each kids plate with press-n-seal (the best stuff ever!)  They were able to put their plates in their bags without spilling anything.  It was so fun and really easy to pull together.

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