Valentine's Playgroup

We had playgroup at our house this morning.  I over stressed, over prepared--but had so much fun.
Here are some ideas that were fun and simple.
As the children came we had a coloring/cutting table set up...
These valentine's from MADE are so simple and fun.  I copied the hearts on fun scrapbook paper and blank white paper--after the children colored, cut and stapled they wanted to cut some more.  We filled our hearts with M&M's and sweethearts.  After they had been sitting and coloring for a while I wanted to have them up and moving.  We moved to the next game...
I found this Mylar balloon and the die cut letters at Dollar Tree.  Using some more scrapbook paper I cut out lip shapes and laminated them.  I used painters tape on everything to stick it to the wall and the frog.
This blindfold is made out of the other towel from this project and an old white t-shirt.  I used an elastic to keep the blindfold on-it was a bit snug, but well loved.
 The children had fun with this one.  They came back to play with and without the blindfold.
After kiss the frog we sat in another part of the house to play BINGO.
These were made in a Word Document (if you want it just email me and I will send it your way.)  Because we were planning on smaller children we played this BINGO differently, just find the number and put a candy on it. No B-4 or I-16, just numbers (1-24 and a free space)--we will be pulling this game out for more number practice.  Printed on regular printer paper and laminated to more scrapbook paper.

To finish up the playgroup we frosted cookies and exchanged valentine's.
Basic shape-my partner for the playgroup made the cookies.  I was in charge of the frosting. To keep stains and clean up minimal I kept the frosting white.
Who needs pink frosting when your cookies look like this?
Each child received a small white bag to put their valentines, cookies and goodies in.
On each table I had a red plastic tablecloth.  After everyone left I removed dishes, scissors and crayons and just rolled up the mess and threw it out.  
This was so fun and simple.

Several tips--
  • Have designated spots for crafts and activities.  Moving to an activity will help keep a child's attention.
  • Keep each activity to 10-15 minutes
  • Leave time for free play-all they really want to do is run and play.
  • Keep it simple!

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