Crayon Hearts

We're going to have a valentine's day playgroup at our house next week..queue all things pink and red to start lining up for decorations at our house.
My oldest is very excited and every time I put up one decoration she comments that she likes it, but that we need more.
Using these instructions, I made these crayon hearts.
 To make these beauties I enlisted my children for help.
 I bought some new crayons (super cheap ones of course).  After lining them up my kids helped me take off the paper--isn't that their favorite part of coloring anyway?
" Sharpen" the crayons, by the end of this project I had this down to a science.
Mix the shavings up a bit and spread the shavings into an even layer.
 Melt the wax using an iron (in between two paper layers on very low heat) Trace hearts and cut out.
 To hang the hearts I took of the decorative molding on the blinds, it easily snaps on and off and used some ribbon.
 After hanging the hearts up I moved a few strings around until it was just right.
This is the view when we walk in our house.  Love the pop of color.  This is a fun project, a little messy, but worth it.

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