Pink Pinwheel Quilt

The Good and Great

Good: I cleaned my sewing room and added lots more projects
Great: I completed  one project on my "Projects In Progress" list (on the left sidebar.)
These blocks, from this pattern, have been pinned on my bulletin board for almost a year now.  At first the project was going smoothly--then I hit a roadblock.  The light pink blocks were not matching up with the dark pink blocks.  I like my corners to line up--and with pinwheels it really shows if they don't line up.  So there it sat, teasing me for months and months.  I started yet another quilt and have the top almost finished it (it's in the pre-procrastination stage at the moment)--I determined to finish this pink pinwheel quilt before I finished another project.
 At first it was planned to be a duvet cover, then a twin size quilt, then a lap quilt. Once I started sewing the blocks together it was reduced to a mere 40x40 inch quilt.  The size is fun, but I wish it would have been a touch bigger.
The princess loves her blanket.  She will even make her bed now, the blanket must be on top spread out nicely--her edict, not mine.
I still have a few blocks left over, don't worry I have plans for them.
The back of the quilt is flannel, pin rosebud flannel.  All soft and girly.
The binding matches the pillow case in the background (I'll be making a tutorial for that one soon.) I finished this quilt up on Sunday, I stayed home from church with a sick Princess.  I laid out fabrics for the back of the quilt and let her decide.  She quickly went for the rosebuds and said we could use the other fabric for another quilt. I'm sure she has ideas swimming in her head.  Although I added a lot more projects to the list, I'm happy I've completed this one.

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Suzy Myers said...

Very sweet quilt. And it looks like your corners matched up well! I would be thrilled if you stopped by my Commercial Break Thursday at http://www.suzyssitcom.com and linked this project!


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