A Litte Spring..because it's only 6 Weeks Away!

My sewing and crafting projects are on hold because I'm cleaning my sewing room--and I mean really cleaning. Besides having a huge box to donate and several more boxes to throw out I have found a lot more projects to add to my sidebar list. One project that I has been waiting for almost 8 years was this little ditty...
 These are the flowers from the centerpieces at my wedding dinner.  I wanted a spring look, for the centerpieces, and had terracotta pots filled with purple and yellow pansy plants.  My mom had the forethought to press and save some of the flowers for me.  She put them in a folder and gave them to me when we finally settled in a house several years ago.  After one move and lots of procrastinating later I finally did something with them.
The gold frame came from Tia Pan and had a different picture in it during the Christmas Season.
 First I put the glass in the frame, then positioned the flowers.
 This was the picture that was in the frame for Christmas, I flipped it around for a solid white background.
 Trying not to move the flowers too much, I finally put the hard backing and pushed the holders back into place.
I love how this simply brings a little color into my room and makes me anxious for my daffodils and tulips to bloom.

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