Vintage Patterns

A friend gave me a HUGE box of old patterns.  
I was excited to say the least.
There were some really great patterns in it...
 Vintage Halloween costumes.
 My little girl has informed me that we need to make the pink one.
 These will be good patterns to make shirts for me later.
 Paddington Bear--and food pillows, hmmm-I'm not sure I'll be keeping this one.  
 Anyone need a doughnut beanbag chair?
 I almost bought a Raggedy Anne doll at Christmas--now it's on my project list.
Out of all the patterns these are the ones that I am keeping.  

Want to go down memory lane now?  
Check out some of the other patterns in the huge box...
 Don't you miss the jumper suits?  I remember having a lot of these in my closet, 4th grade was a year full of dresses for me.
 Love the one piece outfits and the pleated pant suit with tapered legs.
 Remember the sweatshirts that went bellow your bottom?  Or the blazers that were way way too big?  Another jumper pattern.
 Design your own jumper.
 Anyone wear a collar like these?  I did--and I loved it, 5th grade picture had a white collar just like the red one in the corner.
 It's funny that the styles now are similar to these-just a bit more tailored.
 Popples anyone?
 My favorite--shoulder pads.
 Color coordinated, short boxy button-up shirts and more shoulder pads.  My hubby noticed "Gap" printed on the far left pattern.
I kept this pattern, but loved the overdone makeup and the flipped collars.

If anyone needs a jumper pattern I have a few.  My mind is already lining up fun outfits for the kiddos.


SarahPyrah said...

you need to ask Kaylynn P. about the poppels. you might be surprise she will commission one from you :)

Lorna said...

I still have my poppel!! I didn't know they had patterns for them too!!

Robin said...

www.patternrescue.com is a great place to get vintage patterns for free. Also a great place for all your old patterns to end up when you are finished with them.Loved the Popple one best.

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Oh I forgot all about popples! And I'm loving those giant french fries!

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