An Afternoon of Sewing

My Husband's cousin's wife-or my cousin-in-law came over and we sewed the day away.  She has never sewed with knit, or sewn clothes for her almost 8 month old girl.  I think she might be addicted now.
 We started with a basic pair of pants made from a t-shirt from high school.  The pattern came from an existing pair of pants and from this adapted new born pattern from here (width and length added.)
We also made this clip flower from a pattern I printed off some time last year.
 Next was this pair of paints.  This is from material on a blot so we needed to hem the pants.  Instead of hemming we zig-zagged the edge while pulling the fabric to give it a ruffled effect.
Next we made this flower just like the one from this dress.
In the stack of clothes my cousin-in-law brought was a black shirt with a huge picture of Tigger printed on it.  Because we were sewing clothes for a little girl I didn't think of using black at all until the afternoon was almost over.
The pants are sewn together with the inside of the shirt as the outside--to hide the lovely Tigger.  You could still see a little of the tigger print coming through so I came up with these ruffles to give it the girly feel.
Aren't they adorable?  I can't wait to see these ruffles crawling around. I will defenately be making a skirt or dress using these fun ruffles for my little girl too.
And of course, we had to make a bow to match the pink ruffles just to pull the outfit together.
Thanks for the day of sewing, it sure made me want to have another girl just so I could sew more cute clothes.

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