March Madness

Usually I'm not a big college basketball fan.  I'll watch it, but the sheer number of basketball games each season gets to be overwhelming.  This year our neighbors have hooked us into watching, and we love to watch BYU play.  Jimmer Fredette, named player of the year, is really fun to watch.  Even with three or four players gaurding him he seems to just take a step back and sink a three pointer.  BYU got into the NCAA basketball tournament and will be playing tomorrow.  My neighbors want to where team shirts to school to show some school spirit.
My neighbor was over the other day and wanted to see how she could order BYU shirts for her kids, all six of them.  We looked at this site, and realized that the cost would be out of budget, and I knew I had my next project in mind.
Using Microsoft Word we found fonts that we liked.
For the team name we used, Humanst521 BT size 165 for the numbers we used CopprplGoth Bd BT size 550.

She traced the numbers on the freezer paper and I cut them out with an xacto knife.  Teaching her how to use freezer paper stencils was really fun--I think she is hooked now too.
 The pile of letters and numbers
  It was a little time consuming-but the outcome was well worth it. This is the shirt with the freezer paper ironed on ready for paint.
 Carefully paint the edges of the letters and numbers.  We had one shirt that had a glob on it, between the N and G, when we removed the freezer paper.
 This is the toddler shirt, this was done after the other shirts.  I used the letters already cut out and made a box out of more freezer paper.  I was careful not to paint over the outside edge of the box.
The end result.
Instead of spending 60+ dollars for 5 shirts she spent less than $20 for shirts and paint and I provided a toddler shirt.

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