Letter T-Trains

During the month of February I am in charge of my little guys preschool.  We've been participating in a co-op with 5 other mom's.  Our first letter this month was T.  We had a fun time learning about all different things that start with the letter T.
 1st up we played Mr. Potato head while waiting for everyone to come.
 Then I pulled out a train whistle and my conductors hat and we started going on a train ride.  I had all the kids line up behind me and we chugged around the house to different railroad crossings and learned about all the T things.  First up was TRAVEL.  I had a globe and several books about things found around the world.
 Then we were off to learn about TIERS and TRIANGLES
 Then we measured how TALL we were and compared
 The next stop was all about TRACING.
We traced small toys and our hands.  While they traced away I put the snack together.  They were all excited when they got to eat apples, cheese, pepperoni & fruit snacks with TOOTHPICKS
Once snacks were done I surprised them all with our bin of TRAINS. 
I pulled one child away at a time to work on our T TRAIN TRACK.
Whew!  It was so fun, I think they all had a fun time learning the letter T.

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