Letter W-Wild Things

This was our last time hosting Preschool in our home, and we had so much fun.
 We started the day by reading Where the WILD Things are.
 We danced with the Wild Things...then we were off to the craft table to make our own Wild Thing masks.
 I cut up scraps of paper and helped the kids curl them and glue them on to paper bags.
 They loved this activity.  Then they tried them on and practiced gnashing their terrible teeth and roaring the terrible roars.
 I think they liked not having a boundary on what their mask should look like--the crazier the better.

 Then we worked on our file folder activities.  We drew the WEATHER--a dark paper with sidewalk chalk.
And we drew on WATERMELON seeds on our W WATERMELON.
To finish off the day we were able to play outside for a good game of freeze tag.

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