Patriotic Paint Chip Wreath

During spring break my parents came in to town. My dad helped my hubby put in a tree ring--a fun project that required several trips to Home Depot...during a late night run they found that they were clearing out an entire section of paint chips. My little brother has used these in his artwork, so my dad loaded up tons of paint chips. By tons I mean he filled the trunk of his car. Before they left I filled a garbage bag full of chips...
I wanted to make a new wreath for the 4th and had a fun idea.
 I pulled out the red, white, and blue chips
 Traced and cut stars out of each one.
 Lots and lots of cutting.
 While watching some tv, I folded each star for a 3D look.
Then I pulled out my summer wreath from two years ago.
I used a glue gun and just glued to the crepe paper.
 Isn't it festive?
Happy Independence Day!


justjane said...

I can't quite see the folding in my minds eye. Drawing a blank. How do you fold them? tanks~

Jordan Le Bouton said...

Beautiful and will make for next year. Hands are now full of arthritis so have to work in spurts.

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