0 Months & A Winner...

Life has been hectic around here.  The baby is perfect.  She sleeps well, doesn't fuss much, hasn't spit up once.  Really only cries when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper.
She loves her pacifier--my only child to do so.  I think it has something to do with being in the NICU.
I've had quite the time recovering.  All was going well until I got home from the hospital and started itching. We found out that I'm allergic to steri-strips.  If I really wanted to gross you out I would show you pictures--it wasn't pretty.  Then when I thought that had cleared up my chest, neck and arms broke out in a serious rash.  I could not stop itching.  The doctor thinks it was a reaction to the sun--photo toxicity or something like that.  And because I'm nursing I couldn't take benadryl-or many other anti-histamines.  After two days of itching it has finally tapered off and I'm left with a red neck and several empty tubes of hydro-cortisone.

Hopefully this week will be calm and we can enjoy having Daddy home for a few more days.

The winner of the eclos beauty starter kit is...


#1 Lisa


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Lisa said...

I wanted to say thank you I received the eclos products a few days ago and absolutely love them! Lisa

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