Pinteresting Summer-Marshmallow & Toothpicks

 Our Pinteresting Summer

Marshmallow Towers
This is a fun afternoon project.  The kids spent over an hour sitting at the table making amazing creations.
I showed them how it worked-stick the toothpick in the marshmallow and connect to other toothpicks and marshmallows.  Once they figured out there was no right or wrong way to do things they had a blast.
Building a house.
The house turned into this structure-she had fun putting as many "sticks" as she could into the project.
The little guy spread out over the table--I'm amazed at the different stages of development shown in the two structures.  The condensed one is from the 6 year old--the spread out flat one is from the 3 year old.
And this one is from my hubby :o)

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