Pinteresting Summer-Popsicles

Summer has begun around here.  This is our first "summer" as you will-we will be starting 1st grade in a few weeks.  I wanted to make the few weeks that we have all together fun and memorable.  I have been scouring Pinterest and other sites for fun summer activities.  For the next while I will be posting about our fun activities that we have done.
I'm calling it our

Pinteresting Summer

 To start this little series what better than by making yummy Popsicles.
My aunt submitted this recipe into our family cookbook
It's easy and the flavor combinations are endless and usually very yummy.
 I found these molds at Ikea several years ago.  They weren't big enough to fit the entire recipe...
 When I found these at Target this year I knew I had enough for the recipe.
 The kids said these tasted better than popsicles--the only down side was waiting for them to freeze.
What a yummy way to start our summer fun.

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