Happy Flag Day--A Patriotic Wreath

My aunt and my hubby's aunt have a birthday today--Happy Birthday!  
I also think of it as the kick off for patriotic decorations.

Do you remember my paper straw wreath from January?
Well I decided to use this for my 4th of July wreath too--with some additions of course.

Presenting my patriotic wreath:
I didn't want the blue stars to be permanent so I made up a way to stick them on. (click to found out how)

 I used Microsoft Word to print off a star shape
 To make it look more 3D I folded each point straight down to the inverted part.
 I hot glued on about a 3-4 inch piece of pipe cleaner.
 I wound each star around a straw
 Using this method made it easy to adjust the positions of the stars too.
Happy Flag Day!


Karen said...

Wow!!! It looks amazing. The blue stars totally transformed it into the patriotic wreath. Great job :D

Unknown said...

Our daughter LOVES this and of course we do too...we shared it here: http://www.renocompare.com/2015/06/4th-of-july-decorating-ideas/

Thanks guys and Happy 4th of July!

Jamie and the team.

Blondiee10 said...

I love it! It's something different, and it really catches the eye. Great job!

Carrie01 said...

This is so stinking cute! I'd of never in a million,make that a billion years,thought of this! Very clever! I think I'll be making this one!

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