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Do you have a family blog?  Do you take a million pictures of your kids, but don't know what to do with them.  Or do you love to scrapbook, but don't have the time, money, or space to keep up with it?  Do you have all the photo's in files on your computer and want to print them out in a fun way?  Here is an idea for you-hardbound, printed book.
For my first born I was very diligent and I scrap-booked her entire first year of life.  I wanted her to have this when she became a mommy, I love the book and I am glad that I did it.  For my second child, I didn't have the desire or the time to get all the gear out and scrap book.  I also started our family blog a month after he was born.  I was able to keep up with posting, my family and friends were able to see pictures without me having to mail or email them.  I discovered Blurb when I was making a photo book for a Christmas gift.  I ended up using a different company for the photo book, but I kept blurb in my files.  When my little guy turned one I decided to print off our family blog and this would be his record of his first year.
The program Blurb uses is very easy-and if you have a mac I am sure you would love it even more.  You slurp your blog into the program and the pictures are lined up with your posts. It also allows you to design your own layout, I can't say enough about that.  You can choose your size of book, dust cover or image wrap.  And believe it or not the prices are very reasonable.  It makes regular scrap booking seem over priced, for my book it was about $1.75 per page.
If you wait until the holidays to print your book they have great discounts, and usually free shipping.  I love to have a hard copy of the pictures, we don't seem to print off pictures like we used to.  Hope this helps any of you.

Our book is 12x12 and 87 pages long, it cost $54

This page was a custom layout

Love the quality and colors available

Allows for lots of words or pictures or both

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A-M said...

Oh what a fabulous idea. Makes me wish that I didn't whinge so much earlier on in my build... I don't know if I'd really want those bits in a book to remember but all the good bits... yes fantastic! A-M xx

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