My daughter has been asking me to buy some princess dress-ups.  I really didn't want to spend that amount on a dress that would inevitably wear out too quickly.  After some searching I found this pattern and tutorial on Grosgrain.  I made up the pattern in a red velour and loved how my daughter would twirl and wear the dress.  Because it really only took 30 minutes from cutting to finishing I knew this was the pattern I wanted to use.  So far I have made a pink princess and wedding dress for our dress-up box.
The main fabric is a light knit.  The over skirt and sleeve is a nylon chiffon.  I shirred the edges of the over skirt and sleeves.  Before sewing the sleeve seem I sewed the puff of the sleeve onto the fabric. The hem of the skirt will naturally curl if you pull the fabric as you zig-zag the edge.

This is a similar design with the skirt, I didn't sew the side seams completely together.  This will allow for more movement and hopefully less tearing.

I started the lace on the back of the neck and pulled the fabric to ensure the stretch stayed in the fabric.

When I cut out the fabric I added a bell shape to the edge of the sleeve.  Then I sewed on the lace and again pulled the fabric to keep the stretch.
Next up a veil and a yellow/blue princess dress

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