It's February

Happy February 1st!  I love holidays, especially now that I have little ones who seem to bring the magic to any day.  We've been working on Valentine's Day boxes for preschool.  This will be our first "school" related party, and my oldest monkey is excited. 
For Christmas this year our decorations were scarce.  My little boy, who we have come to call "Hulk" was a little too curious to warrant anything on tables, shelves or ornaments on the tree.  So now that he is getting into his toys I wanted to do some decorating for Valentine's Day.  So, enough rambling on--here is a craft that you can do.

I took my super cheap muslin ($.59 a yard) traced hearts and people.  Stack the shapes, each object has 4-5 layers of fabric.  The hearts have a red fabric on either side, the people are just muslin.  Then sew around the edge of the people,  and around the hearts.  To make the hearts stiffer I quilted different patterns in each heart.  Not too complicated, but fun.  Then I made a chain of hearts and people and pinned it up to my less than thrilling mantle. 

This would be a good project to have kids help with.  They would be good and making the pattern of people and hearts.


Karen said...

I love it! the four people are your family members. The double heart means those people are married. I read a lot into things, I know. but funny how it worked for you. I like the blessings sign above.

Kristin said...

Wow! I just found your blog because you were following my blog....I LOVE these! I have never seen anyone use stick figures before, so dang cute!!! I am going to link you to my blog...grab a button at the bottom of my blog!


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