Yeah for Me

Last week while I was at the fabric store I finally got the rest of the material for my quilt binding.  It was a good thing that I decided to stop procrastinating, because the red fabric that I needed was in the end of the bolt pile.  Thank goodness there was enough for what I needed.  So, here it is, one more WIP complete~
Love the swirling pattern of the quilting
It's not too heavy, because I split up the denim.

Front and back view

The red binding.

Thank you mom for helping with ideas.  And thanks to my in-laws who brought it back and forth from Utah so I didn't have to pay for shipping.


liz taylor said...

I am so in love with this idea for a denim quilt! Can you share the dimension of the whirlygigs? I can't wait to try this myself!

Karen said...

It finished up beautifully!

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