The poppy tutorial on Grosgrain is great.  I think I will use it to embellish a purse or blouse someday soon.  I had this idea in my mind after looking at the poppy post and thought I would share.

Using felt given to me I made three different sizes.  Because the felt is thick I didn't need to use fabric stiffener or hair spray as suggest on the tutorial.  For the stems I twisted more felt and just hot glued it on.  The board is a piece of plywood I found in the garage (hopefully it won't be missed).  I used some white gauze and tightly glued it in place.

Because I was able to find everything around my house it cost me nothing to make.  But I'm sure this would be an en inexpensive project.


Nicole Howard said...

That is so cute!! I would love to make one for my daughter's room!

Come follow along with me over at

Meredith said...

How adorable! Looks quite simple and inexpensive to re-create, but those poppies make a statement!

Thanks for your input on my dining room curtain dilemma as well... Still trying to make a decision on that one, but I appreciate your comment!

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