The Jammie Quilt

My MIL and I went to the fabric store last month and while perusing fabric for I-Spy swaps she came across this green fabric with little jammies on it.  She loved it because they were the footie jammies and they were on a clothes line--two things she loves.  I told her we (I) could make a quilt with the fabric, she wants some quilts for the grandchildren to sleep with when they come to grandma's house.  We picked out some coordinating fabrics and I went to work.
I made up two blocks took some pictures and copied and pasted them into a picture so my MIL could get an idea of what I was thinking for the quilt top.  It took several different block patterns, but we figured it out in the end.
After reading this book several times I wanted to try out free hand quilting.  I loved doing it, but I did learn that my machine is not up for hours of quilting at one time--now to saving for a quilting machine.
I loved how this turned out and am excited to stitch up some other quilts.


Mommy of Two 24/7 said...

This quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love it! You did a great job. :)


Angela said...

wow, this is really nice. the stitching all over it makes it look like an heirloom quilt. i'd like to see it sometime. can't wait for the purple one to be done!! i can see how quilting can be addicting once you do it more and more! thank you so much for be so willing to help me!

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