Reversible Bag

After trying several times I finally made a reversible bag.  I like the idea because you get to use two great fabrics and it makes the bag sturdier.  I found the pattern at the Very Purple Person. The instructions are great and it was a quick project.  This would be a great reusable grocery bag pattern.
Not too big and not too small--I love the width too.
You can't see it but this side has a pocket--I liked the black and white because it was easy to embellish.

Don't you think these flower looks kind of like this one...
I saw this in my yard today--this may be our only peony this year because we just planted them last year and we have had crazy CRAZY weather this year.  In fact today it is only 70 degrees and it will get close to 40 tonight!!!  Back to the bag-
I think I will make a brown flower to go with this bag. The outside is polyester the inside is muslin


AUDRA said...

how fun! I'm visiting from the crafty girl new friend friday.

I would love to see your project linked to my weekly link party Socialize with me Monday til Sunday, going on now at:


AUDRA said...

Thanks for Socializing with me Monday til Sunday.

I'm featuring this today:

The Wandering Woman said...

Hi Joanna! I was so excited to find your reversible bag through Simpsonised Crafts! I am slightly addicted to sewing bags. Now I have a new one to try! Could you tell me if you have the pattern for the bag which is pictured in your blog header? It is gorgeous. Check out the bags I have sewed at itsawomanslife.blogspot.com You might want to try one too!

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