Doll House Remodel-Part 1

When I was nine we had a handmade Christmas.  Each gift given needed to be handmade.  My sister and I each received a dollhouse-made by my brothers and Dad.  We made wooden blocks for my brothers.  I remember playing with my dollhouse for days.  My mom made dolls to go with it too.
It is a simple design, but leaves lots for active imaginations.  Now that I have a little girl of my own I wanted to update the interior and exterior a bit.

Here's a little tour of the home--I feel like it looks like some of the foreclosures we looked at when we purchased our current home a few years ago...
There is a little graffiti on the outside--I'm sure who ever did this meant well.
This is the living room when you first enter the house.  The wallpaper is from the kitchen in the home that I grew up in.  The chandelier is no longer there, but the chain that my Grandma crocheted out of gold thread is still attached to the ceiling.  The window treatments are made out of lace, looped at the top for extra detail.  The entire interior of the house is painted a light blue--the same color as the playhouse in our backyard growing up.
Next we move into the kitchen--the wallpaper color coordinates with the living room--also found in the kitchen of my parents former home.  Maybe this rust color will make a return.  You can also see that there was wallpaper on the upper portion of the wall--the residue is still there.
On the second floor (no stairs--just use your imagination) there is a little bedroom.  If you zoom in on the picture you can see some more wallpaper on the lower portion of the wall and pink walls above.  Lace valances with sheer drapes.  The carpet is extra from my sisters room--this will be ripped out first :)
Next to the bedroom is the master bedroom.  The textured wallpaper is from the mudroom of my parents home.  I liked to feel this wallpaper and liked the neutrality of it.  The sheer drapes will need to be replaced too.
The attic has some more wallpaper in it, this wallpaper comes from my Grandparents home-I believe this was in their bathroom or their kitchen.  Aren't you glad that we don't use wallpaper all the time now?
So there you have it--my 20 year old doll house ready for a remodel.  I hope you will join me through the process.  I am excited to bring it up to date and give it to my little princess to play with.


Lisa said...

Adorable and hilarious, the carpet is always the first to go. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Lisa said...

Adorable and hilarious, the carpet is always the first to go, can't wait to see the remodel.

Kristin said...

Your doll house reminds me so much of the doll house my grandfather made me when I was about 9. It has gone through my daughters already and I'm getting ready to rehab it for the I'm a Giant. So far I've stripped it down and am ready to sand and paint and figure out floors and stuff. It suffered some very bad remodeling at the hands of my children years ago!

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