Doll House Remodel-Part 2

Part 2

Demolition & Paint Day
 To start the demo I wanted to thoroughly clean the outside and remove the wallpaper on the inside.  Because this is going to be around children I didn't want to use harsh chemicals.  I made a solution of 1 part water and 1 part vinegar--put it in a spray bottle and went to work.
The family room looked so different with just this much wallpaper gone.
My kids pitched in too.  They grabbed their plastic Ikea knives and helped me scrape and scrape.
The kitchen wallpaper glue had some hard to scrub off glue.  It took several different soakings to get everything off.
This is the chandelier chain that my grandma crocheted, it had a round sparkly button for the chandelier.
After all the scraping and carpet removal we had a big pile.
Doesn't it look great already?
Next I primed it all up.  If you notice the roof isn't well done that's because it is going to be covered later on.
A nice light coat of primer and it's ready for the good stuff.
I painted the outside of the house with this and the master bedroom--isn't that the trend?
 For the other rooms I used the paint the builder left in our house, I do not know the color I only know that it is Sherwin Williams.

While the paint was drying I took the kids to Home Depot to get supplies for the next part--I am super excited to show you the next part.  It was so fun to do.  Until the next dollhouse post have a great day!

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