Sausage Roll Skirt

For my little girl's best friends birthday I made a fun skirt.  It is called the sausage roll skirt because of the way it is sewn-similar to a pillowcase.

For this skirt I cut three strips of fabric

14x45 (main fabric)
6x45 (bottom layer)
2x45 (trim-optional)
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Iron the trim in half length wise and place on the main fabric with the edges together.
Place the bottom layer (not folded) on the top of the two other fabrics.
In this picture I have the turquoise fabric folded-don't sew it this way.  Unfold it and sew just one side with the trim sandwiched in the middle.
Now, with the right sides together roll up the main fabric and then fold the turquoise (bottom layer) up to the top.  Stitch again.
It will make a tube like this.
Pull the fabric out from the middle.
Press the trim toward the bottom layer.
This is a picture of the front and the back of the skirt-no open seams.
To sew the side seam line the layers up and put WRONG sides together.
Trim the seam as close as possible without cutting it open.
Turn the seam to RIGHT sides together and stitch again. Press-and admire the french seam you just completed.
This is what the inside of the skirt looks like.  No open seams to serge or fray.
Add a waistband.
I serged the top, but you could just fold it under twice to cover the raw edge.  I folded the edge over 1 1/2" for the waistband.
I've mentioned this before, but I always finish off the top edge of the waistband with a topstitch.  It gives it a nice finished look.
Add a flower to the front.
And you have the sausage roll skirt.
This skirt was so well liked that it was chosen for the first day of school outfit.

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