Summer Bag

This summer I seem to be out and about a lot more than previous summers.  My little girl took swimming lessons, we are shopping for school clothes & have had lots of family in town.
With all the outings I wanted a bag that would hold more, look summerish, and needed to be washable.
Behold the summer bag.
Six pockets on the outside.  It is tall enough to hold a Kirkland package of baby-wipes and size 6 diapers (If only we could get my little guy potty trained)
Two pockets inside-always essential for mom stuff.
And a magnetic snap closure to keep things inside the bag.
I made one of the outside pockets shorter so my cell phone wasn't too deep, making it easily accessible.

I'll post a tutorial later this week.


Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Your bag looks great! I like the color combo! I'll be looking for your tutorial!

va_grown said...

Looks great! Looking forward to the tutorial. And I agree with you about the cell phone pocket--I hate when it's so deep you can't get it out without a fight. I like it just deep enough to stay put.

chris said...

What a fabulous little bag. I love the fabrics you chose. So summery and fun.

Shawn Stephenson Schumacher said...

Ooo...Look forward to the tutorial!

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