5 Minute Infinity Scarf

As I was getting ready for church the other Sunday I was trying to pull together an outfit.  Do you ever have those mornings where you take out half of your closet trying to find the outfit that you will feel cute in?  Well it was turning out to be one of those mornings.  So I ended up pulling on a grey knit skirt and a long sleeve tee.  I have issues wearing a t-shirt to church, it just doesn't feel dressy enough to me.  I then went to my sewing room and found some winter-ish looking fabric, a red swiss dot with silver stripes woven into it.  The scarf took minutes to sew and I think dressed up the long-sleeve tee enough to wear to church.
Since it was so easy to sew I thought I would give you a tutorial on how I did it.

Keep your fabric folded, I even folded mine in half again so it would be easy to cut.  Cut a 12x45 inch rectangle--or however wide your fabric is.
Fold right sides together length wise.  Start sewing about 3 inches from the top, stop 3 inches from the bottom.  Turn the tube right side out.
Match the short sides, right sides together.  Sew.
There will be about a 6 inch opening.  The fabric will naturally fold down (you can pin it if you really want to)
Sew the seam shut.
And you're done!

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