This was a Christmas present that I gave to my sister-in-law--that's why I'm waiting until now to show it to you :o)

First I printed off the design on Word
Using my super high-tech exacto knife I cut out each letter and the stache.  I did not cut out the dots above the i's--I just used the eraser from a pencil to get a perfect circle.
Then I painted with black velveteen fabric paint.

Ta-Da!  I hope my Sister-In-Law likes it.
After the paint dried for at least 4 hours (according to package directions) I put a steaming hot iron 1.5 inches above the paint and let it steam away to give it a velveteen finish.

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Megan/Brassy Apple said...

thanks for linking up to Make it Monday! I have shared your project on the Brassy Apple FB page! :)

Happy New Year!

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