Baby Prep: Diaper Bag

During the sewing room purge I got to look at all of my fabric again and evaluate what I wanted to do with some of it.  I knew I needed a diaper bag--so the search was on.  I'm picky about my diaper bags and purses.  I don't want them so big that they weigh more than your baby when you fill it with everything-and I don't want it too small.  A diaper bag has to fit diapers and a full bag of wipes--it's a must for me.
I scoured the web for patterns and found a few that I was going to use to make the bag for me, until I found a FREE Amy Butler pattern.

When I cut out the pattern I added 3.5 inches the the length.
Index cards work well for this.
I added a pocket for my cell phone on one side.
A pocket for my keys on the other side--this pocket gave me a headache. I really want to pick the stitches out and do it over, but it's not happening.
Per the pattern one divider has a zipper-the other is open-perfect for mommy's personal stuff and a perfect spot for my wallet.  I hate not being able to find my keys, cell phone or wallet in a purse.
So there you have it-my diaper bag for the next few months.  I find once my baby reaches 6-8 months my diaper bag needs change and I usually get a smaller bag.  One side note:  I used stiff interfacing for the outside main panels, this makes the bag stand by itself.

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Unknown said...

Wow this is awesome! I have been holding onto this pattern to make and just love your idea to add length.

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