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If this baby comes as early as my last I have just under 3 weeks until d-day.  Last weekend my in-laws dropped by and we were talking about the new baby...my MIL volunteered to take the new born clothes and wash them.  So I finally pulled them down from the top shelf in the closet and we went through them.

Let me back up just a little, for the most part I don't dry my children's clothes-so stains will go away and colors will stay bright.  And for both of my kiddos I have always used Shout®on all their stained clothes.  It works well, and the spray action helps when you only have one hand to work with.  Back to the newborn clothes.  My first was a pooper, she liked to blow out an outfit at least once a day.  My second was a spitter, it took us 5 months to realize he was lactose intolerant and he had projectile spit-up--a lot of it!  So I was worried about the state of the newborn onesies and little outfits that have been sitting in the closet for nearly 4 years.  To our surprise there were only two or three onesies that have a spit-up or poop stain!


So let me tell you Shout®works!  Shout®Trigger is different from other stain removers in that it has: a Triple-Acting formula, Clings-Penetrates-Lifts away stains, easy to use Trigger dispenser, works in all water temperatures, & safe for colorfast washables.

When you have little ones you don't have time to scrub stain remover or yellow soap on clothes.  And you don't have time to soak clothes--especially if the kid is going through outfits like they are on a fashion runway.  Even if you don't have kids, Shout®Trigger works great on all stains--you know the soda you spilled on your clean crisp white shirt?

Shout®saves you time and it is available for purchase at Walmart.

Shout® Trigger

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