Magazine Holder

I must be in a nesting mode or spring cleaning.  My to-do list is getting much shorter.  My sewing room is sparkling clean--something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  If this baby comes as early as my last one I only have four weeks left until crafting and sewing will be put on hold to enjoy our bundle of pink.
So to the project...I found these magazine holders-or whatever you call them-last year or the year before.
They have sat in the closet in my sewing room taking up space.  When we moved my little girl into her own room I knew I needed to finish these up.

I started by painting the doors, windows, & roofs.
 The side of each house is painted differently. Diamonds for this house.
Polka dots.
The kids helped paint too.  They were very careful and loved to help out.
Sometimes it is hard to let go and let the kids help.  Even if the paint isn't perfect, the smile and pride that they show from helping is worth it.
 We used the eraser end of a pencil to get the polka dots.
 My little guy loves this one the most.
Here they are, ready to move to their neighborhood.
I put two in a shelf in the closet.
The third house is next to her bed full of her favorite books, and an American Girl catalog.

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