Easter Dress

This year I almost just bought a dress for my little girl.  The dresses at Costco were cute-and most of them had sleeves, and they were a good price.  We debated on which dress we liked the best, then I took my little girl to the fabric store to see if we liked any fabrics better than any of the dresses.  I think she choose the fabric just so I would have the fun of making it.
 First I made the top piece.  I made my own pattern piece.
 For the sleeves I made a petal design, using an existing pattern piece.  I ended up cutting the piece down about 2.5 inches to make it look right.
Here's the dress with completed sleeves-without a sash.
The bow doesn't look great-but after three hours at church it's not too bad.
We bought gloves instead of a bonnet.  She was in between sizes of hats, next year when we have two little girlies to dress up I will probably get matching hats.

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