Girl Room Makeover..the finish

My hubby had a four day weekend when we were working on this project.  We were able to get so much of it done--then it took another month of late night and Saturdays to finish it all up.
 Before during and after.
 The top is a soft pink.  The bottom is semi-gloss white.  This room is the sunniest in the house, if we ever paint the white I think I will go with a softer white.
 Each of the boards are 15 inches apart.  We had to move some of the boards for outlets and light switches.
 A mitered corner.
 Each corner of the boards are mitered cut.  When making the plans we made sure to start the measurements from the corners--so each wall starts from 0 instead of just continuing the measurement all the way around the room.
My hubby can now cut the finished corner of the crown-and it looks great :o)  There is a 3 inch shelf across the entire top of the board and batten.  It is a perfect spot for little frames or statues or other little trinkets six year olds like to collect.

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Sheri @ www.careergirlinterrupted.com said...

This looks awesome - it adds so much character - love it!!

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