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Growing up my family always had a large garden.  It wasn't ever a question of if we were going to have a garden-it was always a question of how many tomatoes or zuccinni plants would be involved.  I knew from an early age that good soil and fertilizer (aka plant food) was vital for strong healthy plants and great produce production.  Now that I have a home of my own having a huge garden isn't always an option.  Last year I planted tomato plants in planters, they turned out well and I was happy to have grown my own.  I was vigilant about water and feeding the plants, at one point I did wonder how the chemicals in the plant food would affect the taste of the tomatoes.

This year I'm excited to try Whitney Farms-Organic Plant food & soils.

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Having organic plant food and soil would mean that the nutrients soaked up by my plants aren't going to hurt my family.  Whiteny Farms has had 25 plus years of leading gardening experience.  I'm sure with all the experience my planter garden will thrive this year.

Check out Whitney Farms organic soil & organic plant food for a $3 off coupon.

Obviously for me I will be trying out the Tomato and Vegetable Food-

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Wouldn't it be great to have a garden that is lucious and produces amazing produce?  My parents garden is always amazing--that's what I want my garden to look like...

So give Whitney Farms Organic Plant Foods & Soils a try and you just might be surprised.

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