Easter Egg Garland

The invitations have been sent for our annual cousin's Easter egg hunt.  I don't like decorating too much for Easter because it is a religious holiday and would like my family to focus more on that aspect than on the eggs and such.  
While I was at Walmarto the other day I was in the paint section and grabbed a few paint chips--does anyone else feel like they are stealing when they grab 20 paint chips?  
I just grabbed the colors that reminded me of Spring.  When I started cutting out the ovals I noticed the names of the colors:  Buttercup, Pink Peony, Spring Green, Spring Bluebell, Powder Pink & Rosy Mauve-just to name a few.
I made an egg/oval template and cut out from each color.
As I hole punched the top of each egg I laid the garland out in the order I wanted to tie them together.
I used leftover yarn-it is similar in color and texture to twine-to tie the eggs together.  It brings a nice pop of color to the mantel.

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